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Cosmetic Industry- The Categories Of Products Based On Their Usage



The cosmetic industry is enormous as you easily find a great range of products here. However, many people still find themselves confused over the categories of the cosmetic industry. The most frequent question is: What industry does beauty and makeup belong to? If this is the question you are finding the answer to, then the following information can help.

The Medical beauty applet is divided into hair care products, skin care products, and colored cosmetics. The first two focus more on reviving or keeping the body parts healthy. The colored cosmetic, or in simple words called makeup, is for enhancing beauty. These categories are not as small as you may think; they have a plethora of products for you to discover from.

The Categories Of Product In Cosmetic Industry

  1. Hair Care Products

Anything you put on hair to either cleanse or repair is a product of the hair category. Some products promise cleaner hair, while others promise to add shine to your hair. For example, you have shampoos available in liquid, aerosol, and powdered form for cleansing. Some shampoos also ensure other benefits like removing dandruff and lice and the growth of the hair follicles.

Other hair products have the function of nourishing the hair. In this category, you get conditioners and oils. These primarily focus on improving the quality of the air. The types of conditioner and oils may vary depending upon the user's need. You also have serums, gels, and sprays to leave in your hair.

  1. Skin Care Products

Skincare products have become extremely popular in the past few years. As people become more aware of the need to take care of their skin, demand increases. These are responsible for improving the skin's texture and helping it restore. In addition, there are face washes used to cleanse the face. Finally, you have a great variety of moisturizers to keep the skin moisturized.

To keep your skin as good as a baby, there are products with anti-ageing properties. In addition, many products treat acne and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Finally, if there is any build-up on your skin, you can also use exfoliants to remove these.

  1. Make-Up Or Colored Cosmetics

If you want to make your skin look better, some cosmetics can help you. Most of these are not used to help the skin internally, but these temporarily used products make the skin look good. They are called colored cosmetics because they give different body parts different colours.

For colored products, you get nail paints, blushes, foundations, lip color, eyeliner and eye shadow. Though one needs to be aware of the ingredients used before using, all of these are a great way to improve the appearance of skin. Previously, some chemicals were found in toxic products, but now the situation has improved.


The products found in the cosmetic industry have their purposes of serving. All of these products have their importance, and they all contribute to the tremendous growth of the industry.