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Available the best escorts of ladies of companies with totally reasonable rates.


It is no secret that many businessmen attend social events with women posing as their girlfriends. There is an industry worldwide where girls, better known as company ladies, provide their services. It may be very similar to prostitution, but you will find that it is not if you know the term.

For many years prostitution has been a part of the whole world, thus being one of the oldest professions. According to historians, prostitution became known in the year 2400 BC in brothels or the temples of Sumerian priests. Even at that time, there was a goddess of love, sex, and a war called Inanna.

Today, this issue is still controversial in many countries globally, as it is an unaccepted profession. People associate it with slavery, the humiliation of women, trafficking in white, although it was not like that time of the Sumerians. escorts or prostitutes enjoyed benefits and social position, received the best rewards from the gods.

The new agency services for company ladies are a trend all over the world.

It is a profession known as escorts or as company ladies, who offer services, whether sexual or not. It is certainly a dangerous job and discredited by society, even though it is legal in many countries. Those dedicated to this profession have talked about what prostitution is and what a company lady is.

You can see that their terms are different, as a prostitute offers sexual services in exchange for money. The local escorts can work through an agency or independently. They do not necessarily offer sex, but their company. They are hired for all kinds of social events, where they can pose as the girlfriends of their clients.

Another point is that they have the advantage of being hired for several days, going on a trip with their clients, and enjoying the luxuries. The rates of any escort, whether Asian or from another country, are quite high since they are very attractive women. To be part of this profession, you must meet certain requirements, such as having a university degree, being educated, elegant, etc.

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Believe it or not, some men dedicate themselves to this trade and find themselves in London offering their services. Through agency services, you will be able to meet thousands of girls of different nationalities, willing to meet your needs. Also, clients have commented that the best in this profession are Brazilian women due to their attractiveness and intelligence.

There are several articles on the Internet where you can take a look and meet the best Asian company ladies. You can count on the websites of each of the available agencies. There they will provide you with the most information. You will see an extensive list of all the girls, describing their services and their rates.

Entrepreneurs, artists, people with great purchasing power are those who seek this type of service. To hire a companion, you must have the necessary money; remember that her rates are much higher than the rates of prostitutes. It also depends on the country where you want to request this service. Some may be affordable.

If you want more information, you can enter the search engines to know a little more about this profession, available agencies, and rates.